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    Tech Inspection
    Tech Form
    Click here to download tech form
    Tech Centers
    For your convenience, you may have your car tech inspected at the following locations. The inspection is free but please call ahead for an appointment.

    DynoSpot Racing
    1798 Angela Street
    San Jose, CA 95125
    Tel: (408) 271-9800
    Location Map
    Tomas Sport Tuning
    1035 Broadway
    San Pablo, CA 94806
    Tel: (510) 235-2350
    Location Map
    Motor Sport Image
    812 Atlantic Street
    Roseville, CA 95678
    Tel: (916) 784-2323
    Location Map

    You may also have your car inspected by a trained technician at a location of your choice. Please download and use our tech form from the link above.
    Event Information

    UnlimitedLaps events are about high performance driving. We offer you the opportunity to explore the limits of your car and your driving ability in a non-competitive, relatively safe, and controlled environment.

    Our events are well organized and properly structured so that participants get maximum track time. We emphasize car control but never at the expense of safety. Even though you'll be driving alongside other cars, we have strict on-track rules and we enforce them. No racing is involved and unsafe behavior on the track will not be tolerated.

    We have experienced instructors at every event to provide driving instructions to drivers with little or no prior track experience at no additional cost. To maximize track time for all participants, we limit the number of entries at every event.

    Carbotech Engineering

    Tech Inspection
    Every car that will be on the track must be in good running condition. Cars deemed to be potentially unsafe for it's driver and towards other drivers will not be allowed on the track.

    Every participant must have their car tech inspected by a trained technician prior to an event. Each driver is responsible for his/her car's operating condition and must produce a signed tech form during morning registration.

    Event Overview
    In general, a typical event day begins with participant registration where informational packets and car numbers are handed out. Next, the mandatory drivers meeting gives us the opportunity to lay down the ground rules for the day, explain the flags, and clear up any questions anyone may have.

    Following the drivers meeting, orientation laps lasting about fifteen minutes give every driver a chance to get a feel for the track conditions. For those who are new to the particular track, it's also a chance to learn the track layout before your first on-track session.

    As the first run group prepares to get onto the track for their session, the Green Group(novice) begins their classroom session. The classroom session is a thirty minute introduction to the concepts and techniques used in high performance driving. Our instructors explain concepts like weight transfer, the race line, apexes, smoothness, oversteer, understeer, etc. At the end of the classroom session, we hope that every novice driver will have a good understanding of what it takes to drive around a race track at speed.

    The first track session begins around 9:00 a.m. and the last car usually leaves the track at 5:00 p.m. Each session typically lasts from twenty to thirty minutes. The run groups are usually organized based on skill and/or experience level:

    Red Group: Open passing. Experienced drivers and instructors only. Drivers in this group have done 12 or more track events and demonstrate superior car control.

    Yellow Group: Limited passing. Drivers in this group have done 6 or more track events and demonstrate a good understanding of the fundamentals of car control and the proper line around the track.

    Green Group: Limited passing. Drivers in this group have little or no experience in high performance driving. Together with our instructors, they will learn and advance their understanding of basic car control and the proper line around the track.

    Lunch is served at midday. A catered lunch is included in the entry fee, as are beverages and snacks all day. Participants should also consider bringing their own drinks and snacks, especially on hot days when keeping hydrated is important.

    We would like to emphasize that this is NOT a race. Our focus is on improving your driving skills and since we have drivers of all skill levels, we expect every participant to follow the rules so that we can maintain an environment that is conducive to learning. Overly aggressive drivers will not be tolerated.

    More specific information, as well as a complete schedule for the day, is available on the Event Details page.

    Safety Requirements

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